Our sessions with Stephen are a time for us to plan our Inquiry units and to gain new insights and understandings of the Inquiry cycle, ICTs and the integration of these.

After each session with Stephen we would like you to reflect on the new insights and understandings.

To record these reflections we will be using 'Pirate Pad '.
'Pirate Pad' allows your whole team to work on a collaborative reflection and document your new learning quickly and easily.

Use the six thinking hats to guide your reflection;
White Hat - Facts• New Learning or ideas for me from this session were...
Blue Hat - Metacognition/Thinking about your thinking• Concepts that challenged your thinking• Things that you have given thought to as a result of the session• I’d appreciate some support with....

Yellow Hat - Positives for you• Aspects that you found beneficial• Things you enjoyed • Things you are excited about or looking forward to

Black Hat - Negatives• Aspects you found difficult or challenging

Red Hat - Feelings • Celebrations and Frustrations
Green Hat - Ideas• Aspects that could be considered next time• My personal goals - personal growth, teaching and learning...

Instructions on using 'Pirate Pad'.

The first thing you will need to do is create a new pad;
Once your have done this a new document will appear. Send the address via email to the other members of your team and all of you can work on the same document together, in real time.

Each person will be assigned a colour so you can tell who is writing what.

And from here the pad is just used as a normal word or pages document.

When you have completed your team reflection take a screen shot of the document and post it to your team page under 'reflections' on the wiki. Please make sure you date your reflection;

Screen_shot_2010-05-14_at_8.20.37_AM.png Once you have completed your reflection all you need to do is take a screen shot and post it to your team page under 'reflecitons'.

To take a screen shot by holding down command, shift and 4 and selecting the are you want to copy. We will have a small workshop and some experts to help with posting things to the wiki.