Hope you all found the day beneficial. Please answer the following questions under your name
1. What were the key ideas that you took away from today?
2. What ideas would you like to try in your classroom (include time frame)?
3. Would you recommend this conference to others? Why?

1. I really liked how the school model was living and breathing at RedBeach. It seemed to be at the forefront of everything. This made me think about how I use the Reremoana model in the class and I know that I want to teach it more explicitly in my classroom.
I also liked how students were very involved in the learning process. Red Beach used a lot of student and peer assessment. This was really powerful for their learners.
2. I want to try implementing a rubric about the Reremoana School learning model. Students will reflect on how they use the competencies in their learning. Ultimately, I would love to use the rubric at Student Lead Conferences.
3. I think the day is very beneficial. It is great seeing good practise. After visiting another school I always leave buzzing and wanting to try new things. New ideas keep my practise fresh.

Amanda T

Amanda J
1. I really liked the stuff about the learning progressions that Red Beach school are using. I found it nice to go into other classrooms and see what they are doing and how they display their work. It is something that often we don't get a lot of time to do. I found the stuff about learning journals neat, although I think we can do it in another way instead of having to buy the programme that they used.
2. I would like to try the learning progressions in my class that we are developing using the ideas that we gained from the conference and the Red Beach model.
4. Yes I would as it is important as teachers to keep widening our knowledge of what is happening in other schools so that we can gain ideas that we might trial in our own school.
Incorporating Learning Competencies more in classrooms, developing more consistency with learning progressions
I am definitely going to try to do student, peer and parent assessments on learning competencies
Definitely, it was an eye opener to see how strong you can put students voice into their learning.