Inquiry Reflection

Black Hat
My confidence in working through the Inquiry process is low.
Where is the planning? We need the planning ourselves!!!
I wanted to do a more social issue e.g. animals in the wild vs animals in zoos (Melissa and Amanda)
Would like to have a closer look at the planning we have done. Would be nice to have it.

Red Hat
I still feel apprehensive, but after seeing how Stephen set out what we could do using inspiration I feel much better and look forward to working with him again. The planning is looking great!
Enjoy the sharing of ideas.
I feel more confident about teaching now that we have done planning together and got an overall idea.
Feel sad that I won't be here to see how all this planning went. I hope I will get to see some of it.

Green Hat
I liked the inspiration programme which set everything out so well. It is good to have someone to work with who has planned in this way before. I like that Stephen utilises planning that we have already done.

Like the way Melissa is looking at a more global issue
Need to look at resources that will support our Inquiry
Using visualisation for research skills - look at pictures and videos and write notes for younger students who can't read on the internet or books.
I got to word my issues and sort through the worries.
I liked the inspiration planning. It reminded me of how we used to plan.

Yellow Hat
Fresh ideas and motivation is up
All the positive input of the team

Planning together has helped understand the bigger picture and that we can focus on a small area like questioning and focus on that, not do everything.
Nice to have planning done and out of the way.
Was great to put all our ideas together.

White Hat
Inquiry is a part of our school and apprehensive or not I do need to get motivated to plan, teach and assess using the Inquiry model
We are prepared now to teach this inquiry.
Maryn will be able to follow along with this planning with little problems.

Blue Hat
Topic of enrichment within a zoo is chosen - Zoo trip date has been chosen - Planning day at zoo chosen
Think we are heading in the right direction might need to look at the bigger question next time.
Adjusting my thinking to thinking about the ability level of my new class.
Beginning to think more deeply about inquiry, making sure I am actually following an inquiry process rather than teaching to.
Thinking about all the new ideas that I have and the different ways to implement them into the classroom.